About Us

In an effort to enhance the lives of youth in underserved communities, Super Bowl Champion and Pro Bowl Safety, Malcolm Jenkins,  launched The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation in 2010, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public charity with a mission to effectuate positive change in the lives of youth in underserved communities.  

Inspired at a young age by the values and examples set by his father, high school coach, college coach and others, who instilled the importance of hard work and giving back to the community, it is Jenkins’ desire to pass on the guidance, and generosity of those who supported him throughout his career. It is his hope that through mentorship and consistent engagement, these young people will thrive to their fullest potential.

While the foundation’s impact extends beyond one region, it boasts a strong relationship in four locations. Jenkins’ home state of New Jersey; [Columbus] Ohio, where Jenkins spent his collegiate years; [New Orleans] Louisiana where Jenkins began his professional NFL career; and [Philadelphia] Pennsylvania, where Jenkins currently resides as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Through programs that emphasize mentorship, character development, leadership, education, life skills, health and recreation, the Foundation aims to leave an enduring impact on youth, families, and communities that need it the most.